It all started as an idea

A dream we took action on

Today we are proudly watching the Community we affectionately call „Penjiwaan“ becoming a reality.

Penjiwaan means to awaken the soul.

The idea

The idea was to build a community of like minded individuals, a small intimate village of internationally acclaimed visionaries, artists, musicians, surfers, yogis and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

What better place than Bali, the Island of the Gods to make this dream a reality?

Going back as early as the third century the great Hindu and Buddhist mystics came here from India to build their sacred temples. They believed Bali to have a great power to raise and amplify consciousness. That same attraction thrives today and has transformed Bali into the world's Mecca for yoga, meditation, health, wellness and conscious transformation.

The island

It is here on this sacred island we have chosen to express our vision for the power of community, to grow the bonds of our friendship and to inspire each other to reach new heights in our creative expression.

We selected a site for Pennjiwann, just 10 minutes from central Ubud in the ancient village of Mas, world renowned for its legendary wood carving skills.

Penjiwaan rests gracefully on the bank of a tranquil river surrounded by picturesque rice fields. Construction is now underway with three homes complete, three scheduled for completion by year end, two more in march and another by the end of summer 2017.

The community

The homes are individually owned and designed, built around a central organic garden and gathering space. Numerous enterprises have already been incubated through impromptu brain storm gatherings of community members. We can only imagine what is to come when construction of all the homes are complete and we are all in resident.

The architectural style of the homes range from minimalistic avant-garde, classic Balinese to a blend of the two. Two of the completed homes have already won international design acclaim.

Each home has been uniquely designed to meet the individual residents vision for their ideal work, play, retreat and entertainment requirements, some hosting recording studios, art studios, yoga studios, healing centers, basketball court and spas.

The Penjiwaan Community. Air view

Recent Work

As to our international tribe of residents, some will live on the property full time and others as their work, travel and performances allow. Many of us will make our properties available for visitors, guests, retreats and performances allowing for an interesting flow of new people and new ideas.

Penjiwaan will be a place of gatherings, discussions, panels, showcases, music , yoga and meditation. A place for intimate and delectable dinners for the sharing of new ideas and cultures. Three of our residents own some of the finest vegetarian cafes and restaurants on the island.

Penjiwaan will be the place to make new friends and nurture of old ones. If your journey brings you to this magic island, please come by and share your own magic with us